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Looking for a great selection of wood planers, Then this is the place to search

Best Wood Planers

The best wood planers will prove to be an excellent investment for any serious wood worker who is looking to save money by using the much less expensive rough sawn timber, and turning it into a beautiful piece of timber that is ready for a wood working enthusiast to create a master piece of furniture.

From hand planers, right through the range of bench top planers and then up to the large stationary planers that are suitable for the professional woodshops. There is a very large range of the best wood planers, so you will be able to find one to suit your personal requirements. The aim of this site is to arm you with the necessary information about these woodworking products so you can make a wise decision and purchase the best wood planers for your particular needs.

Delta 22-451 best wood planers

You can often find very good timber in a recycling yard that just needs to be dressed correctly to turn it into a piece of lumber that will be suitable for your projects. This source of timber will be well seasoned and ideal for the projects you have in mind. The only thing you will need to do is to make 100% sure that all of the nails have been removed otherwise you will damage the planers cutting blades, and then you will have to either resharpen or replace them. But with a little careful examination of the timber that you purchase, you can prevent this problem from arising.

One of the best pieces of timber that I used for a project, I actually found beside the road. Thought it looked fairly good so I took it home, dressed it up and was amazed with the grain and the overall appearance of this timber. So if you own a good surface planer, you may just find the perfect piece of lumber anywhere, then dress it up on your planer to make a master piece.

Select the Best Wood Planers

Most part time wood workers will probably find that a benchtop planer or tabletop planer is the perfect choice as it takes up less room, they are portable and less expensive than a larger stationary planer. There are some excellent planers for wood on the market that will fill the needs of these wood working enthusiasts who do not want to spend large amounts of money, but do want to be able to use the rough sawn timber for their projects.

Hand held electric planers for wood are always a handy wood working tool in any shop, they may not give you a perfect thickness, but for smaller jobs they can prove to be invaluable. Then there are the hand planers that are also handy tools for the woodshop.

So, welcome to the Best Wood Planers website. I hope I can help you to make that all important decision when looking for the best wood planers, so please see my planer reviews of dewalt, jet, Bosch, Hitachi and other thickness planers.

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